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Le Petit Cosmos


Dance X Multimedia

Creator and Video Artist: Jinyao Lin

Dancer: Yuju Lin

Electronic Guitar: Chad Hsu


A thought from Lisa Randall, an theoretical physicist, and her particle physics and cosmology. The mathematic imagination comes from an idea in the room, and then developed into another thought about trapping and moving. And it finally end up in the same room with nothing change.


Auto Music Machine II


Sound Video Installation

raspbery pi, pico projector, acrylic


The works using the most small computer “raspery pi” to create an intelligent music box which would generate music and video realtime. The music machine generate the music and video as a music composition technique “counter point”. “You go next step then you know how to go after that”. The music machine generate “the never repeat video and music” just as gift from the artist himself.

One Million Heart Beats



Computer Graphics/wireless zigbee

FBI Group


One Million Heartbeats is a performance art piece that begins with the identity and behavior of the viewer as a starting point, and constructs a network of interactive installations. It is an exploration and discussion of tribal behaviors in the digital age. The viewer interacts with the work using ZigBee wireless sensors. A virtual infant will be born when one million heartbeats have been collected. Data collected from the viewers about their gender, blood type, astrological sign and other indentifying information will be used to determine the gestational conditions and physical appearance of the fetus.


Distortion City



Director/Music/Video: Jinyao Lin

Producer: Mobius strip theatre


More and more people would use multi-media in their performance. However using interactive multimedia would be a challenge of how to use them deeply and stabile. Distortion City describe the problem of modern society which would counter the friction of progress and tradition. The show has been performed in different countries because its outstanding performance.

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