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Curriculum vitae


PHD of Computer Science

Master of Fine Art

Bachelor of Music



1992-1997 Bachelor of Music. Music Department, Composition, TNUA Taipei

2001-2007 Master of Fine Art. Graduate Institute of New Media, TNUA Taipei

2007-2014 PhD of Computer Science. Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University 


Honors and Awards

2021 Golden Award of Interactive Multimedia /
World Fest Houston International Filmand Video Festival 

2018 Best Million Reward of Taipei Sky Creative Festival.

2017 Grand Award McCallum Theatre's Choreography Festival
2012 Best Award of Art Design of Stage, Honk Kong Dance Alliance

2012 Best Mobile Application Design, Facebook World Hack Taipei

2009 2nd Award of Long-Term Cheers Competition, Taiwan

2008 Silver Award, 3rd KT Art Award, Taiwan

2007 Best Jury Award, 2nd Chi-Mei Award, Taiwan



2018- Assis. Prof of National Tainan University of the Arts.

2019-2020 Director of Taiwan Sound Lab

2017-2018 Assist. Prof of National National Tsing Hua University
2015-2017 Researcher at National School of Fine Arts, Paris, France
2011 Artist Residency at GRAME ,Lyon France

2012 Artist Residency at Unitec, Auckland New Zealand



2006 《One Million Heart Beats》1st Taipei Digital Art Festival

2007 《Breath》Lost Sound Festival

2008 《Wetris》3rd Taipei Digital Art Festival

2008 《Diving》Video Design 

2008 《Faust》Music Design

2009 《2012》Muisc/Video Design

2009 《Mazu’s Body Guard》Composer/Video Design

2009 《Prototype of Ants》Video Design

2009 《Les Aveugles》 Music Design

2010 《Tracks on the beach》Video Design

2010 《Poerty of Insomnia》Original Story/ Composer

2010 《The Smiling》Composer/ Video Design

2010 《Distortion City》Director/Music/Video

2011 《Tracks》Lyon Opera, France Drama

2012 《Auto Music Machine》Auckland, Unitec, New Zealand

2013 《Big Bang Wanger》 Video Design, Taipei International Art Festival, Taipei

2014 《Auto Music Machine II》 TAV, Taipei

2015 《Dance Man》Taipei Sky Creative Festival.

2016 《Sensation Reality》VR installation. Auckland, Unitec, New Zealand

2018 《Aqua AR》 AR Installation, Taipei Digital Art Festival, Taipei

2021 《Distortion City》 Genart Project, fxhash

2021 《Alley》Genart Project, fxhash

2021 《forsaken》 Genart Project, fxhash

2022 《evangel》Genart Project, fxhash

2022 《aura》Genart Project, fxhash

2022 《Cloud Atlas》Genart Project, fxhash

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