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“Super Immersive Theatre with high resolution display and high order ambisonics”, 3DSA 2022, proceedings of the International Conference on 3D Systems & Applications, JY Lin.

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"On top of tabletop: A virtual touch panel display”, Horizontal Interactive Human Computer Systems, 2008. TABLETOP 2008. Li-Wei Chan, Ting-Ting Hu, Jin-Yao Lin, Yi-Ping Hung, Jane Hsu


"i-m-Space: interactive multimedia-enhanced space for rehabilitation of breast cancer patients”, MM '10 Proceedings of the international conference on Multimedia, Ju-Chun Ko, Wei-Han Chen, Meng-Chieh Yu, Han-Hung Lin, Jin-Yao Lin, Yi-Ping Hung


“iM-match: Fast stitching gestures for multiple heterogeneous multi-touch surfaces”, CVGIP '12 Proceedings of the IPPR conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, Jinyao Lin, Zheng-Xiang Ke, Yi-Wen Ting, Yi-Ping Hung

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